Saturday, April 21, 2012

Interesting Update

So a few weeks ago I wrote this piece about David & Saul and the lesson of morality in leadership, which was itself taken from an earlier article written by a cop friend in San Diego.

Guess what was posted on the next day's Stars & Stripes front page?

The newspaper story refers back to an earlier article, "The Bathsheba Syndrome: The Ethical Failures of Successful Leaders," published in a business journal in 1993.

Strange how the Lord works sometimes...


Mike Lambert said...

Yes. And I think he's been reading my blog.

Doctor Eric said...

There's a second part to Bathsheba syndrome not mentioned in the article: People, and especially women, are attracted to men in positions of power.
Bathsheba was hardly an innocent victim in the story - On the contrary, bathing naked on her rooftop (not within her house) in full view of the neighbors, then going willingly to sleep with the king when invited, she was a shining example of immodesty and carnality.
For military CO's, it's often not enough to avoid chasing women. Sometimes it's necessary to flee (a la Joseph, to cite another Biblical character).