Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding God's Will

I've recently had a series of experiences (still ongoing, at this point) that have caused me to wonder how one goes about finding God's will for any given event. Here's what I've come up with so far:

1) What does Scripture say? Obviously, if what you're considering and/or doing violates a Biblical principle, then this is where it ends. You're not having trouble finding God's will, you're having trouble obeying God's will.

2) How do I feel about it? Now, I'm not saying that feelings are the end all/be all determining factor when it comes to decision-making, but God did include them as part of our makeup, so it's probably not wise to exclude them altogether. The bottom line is, is this something that's just a passing fancy, or is it something that keeps coming to mind over and over again? If it's the latter, it might be something that God has put on your heart, so you need to take it to the next level.

3) Seek Christian counsel. Go to several wise Christian friends whose opinions you trust and share with them what's on your heart. I'm fortunate to have several Christian brothers who can provide that for me, but it could be anyone. Your pastor. Your small group leader. Heck, even your mom & dad, if you want. The point is to get a variety of other people's unbiased opinions so that they can help point out if the heartburn you have is from God lighting a fire in you or from a bad slice of pizza last night.

4) Begin pursuing your path. If you've followed the previous three steps, and you still have a green light, then I'd say it's time to start following that path. Take it slow, and remember to leave room for God to either open or close the door whenever He wants.

5) Keep an "open hand." Too often, once we begin following a certain path, our natural impulse to control events causes us to try to predict a certain timeline and/or outcome for when/how things should turn out. We begin to tighten our grip, and as a result we take it out of God's hands and try to "finish the job" through our own efforts. Resist this temptation. Allow God to work things out according to His timing - not yours.

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