Saturday, March 6, 2010

Goin' Navy

Well, I'm now in the midst of putting my package together for the Navy chaplaincy. Just stopped by the recruiter's office yesterday to drop off my Application for Commission & my resume so that he can submit my name to be "scrolled," which apparently is some sort of pre-approval for the later commissioning to take place. Can take 2-3 months, so I'm told.

I also completed the 18-page SF-86 National Security Questionnaire, which is a very detailed document that requires you to list all residences, jobs, friends, family, etc. for the past 7-10 years. Required in order to receive a security clearance. Finished the whole thing only to find out that it probably isn't going to be necessary, since I had a Single Scope Background Investigation done back 2003 for my Top Secret clearance. Even though the TS clearance expires after 5 years, it then reverts to a Secret clearance for another five - so I should be good through 2013. Still, I wish my recruiter had told me that *before* I filled out the form...

Most of the rest of the forms I need depend on someone else - references, recommendations, transcripts, etc. So for now I just have to bide my time and hope that the individuals concerned complete these things in a timely manner. And, I've got enough homework due in the next few weeks to keep me quite busy, thankyouverymuch.

Still, it's nice to see things coming together.


Peggy said...

Wow, didn't know you'd decided to switch to the Navy after all. Glad you're able to move forward with it.

The application process sounds like a few we're going through right now. Good luck.

XBradTC said...

Peggy, the Marines don't have Chaplains, they use Navy Chaplains, so if Dave wants to minister to Marines, it's "Go Navy!"

Dave, as a former Army recruiter, I can't tell you what a headache it was filling out an SF-86 on every single applicant for the Army. Half the kids had lived in half a dozen places over the last 7 years, and couldn't remember and address and couldn't for the life of them think of a reference.

Dave Harvey said...

Yeah, I was smart and kept a record of all my addresses (and timeframes) in one of the "green monster" notebooks that the military is so fond of. I also have an Excel spreadsheet with all the names/addresses/phone # of all my friends & family - makes that part of the SF86 much easier to fill out.

cptdrfrtim said...

Dave: Congratulations on this turn of events. My commisseration concerning SF86, too. I'd filled mine out for the NGB, but then the USAR forced me to get accessioned by them first, and switch into the Guard later (so they could get 'credit' for accessioning a priest -- tooooooo long a story). The USAR wanted every full-time, part-time, and volunteer job I'd held since age 16 -- and I was 50 at the time. When I completed their stupid requirement, every job I had listed, save one, from ages 16 - 25 (and there were a lot!), had a supervisor who was by 2006, dead.


Justthisguy said...

Why does a Chaplain need a Security clearance, anyway? He answers to a Higher Authority, as they used to say in some kosher hot-dog commercials.

OK, if he's a Roman who does auricular confessions, he might hear some crypto guy confessing that he forgot to lock the safe when he left the office, or something.

Dave Harvey said...

Pretty much everyone in the military has to have a Secret clearance - I think all officers do, at least.

I had to go through the process to get a TS/SCI clearance back in 2003 when I was a general's aide; my clearance was finally granted over a year later, after I'd already left that job!

Justthisguy said...

Sounds familiar. I was supposed to have a Secret clearance when I was a NASA co-op, back in 1971. The FBI interviewed the neighbors, etc. I was able to look up the Orion documnts (Secret, Restricted Data) which were really cool. Later, I found out, almost when I left the place, that the clearance had not gone all the way through.

I recall my boss yelling at me to get those secret microfiches out of his safe. I had to sign a bunch of forms, and recruit a witness for the shredding. The shredder was a huge machine on a semi-trailer, which drove up just for me.

I have since seen the exact same drawings I swore to keep secret on the Internet.

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