Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apologetics 101

For those who haven't stopped by there yet, Neptunus Lex is one of my favorite blogs - authored by a retired Navy Captain and former F-18 pilot (callsign "Lex") who has a knack for writing and who also tells some wonderful sea stories.

Yesterday, he posted a bit about The Atlantic's Ross Douthat and his essay up on the New York Times entitled “Dan Brown’s America." Quite unexpectedly (for me), this led to some critical comments on the veracity of Scripture and Christianity in general and prompted my response to those allegations. Since the "core group" of Lex's readers is relatively small, the same people tend to post repeatedly, and one gets to almost know them over time. My "handle" is MajHarvey, and since I've been an active reader for nearly 5 years, most of his followers are pretty much aware of my views and the fact that I'm pursuing the chaplaincy. Hence, I figured that it was almost expected that I would have some sort of response to the challenges to my faith. The gauntlet was being thrown down, as it were.

Take a look for yourself and see how it went - if you're so inclined, feel free to jump into the fray and post your own response to the issue(s) being discussed.


Doctor Eric said...

Comment posted, in support of one of your posts.
It is interesting to me that Christianity is the recipient of far more attacks by critics than any other religion. Sure, there are a lot of attacks on Islamic militants, but that is based on a revulsion to the violence they perpetrate, not what they believe; and Scientologists are often made fun of, but more in a "you're silly" than an "I hate you" kind of way. I know that in many parts of the world there is violence and hatred between adherents of different faiths; however, I don't think there are many intellectual assaults on the tenets of the other's beliefs, as we seen against Christianity (when was the last time you heard someone questioning the historical existence of Mohammed, Gautama Buddha, or Zoroaster?).
What is it about Christianity that elicits such invective and vitriol from so many? We aren't the only ones who believe and proclaim that our chosen path is the only one that leads to salvation. And those who perpetrate violence in Christ's name are the extreme exception to the rule of peaceful millions. Perhaps there is a more sinister force than the bitter hearts of Christianity's critics, something so subtle that it is even beyond the ken of those who lash out with all their intellectual, emotional, and often physical and financial power against the Prince of Peace, and those who follow Him.

Dave Harvey said...

Accidentally deleted this comment:

Wilko said...

I must have been traveling during that exchange. Good follow on information in Lex' post. I came across the works of Josh McDowell (Lord,liar ,lunatic) and C.S. Lewis when I was actually in the quest to *disprove Christianity* years ago in college.
It didn't work and I'm grateful.
Of course, the element of faith will always be necessary but believers in Christ need not be accused of checking their brains at the door when discussing their faith.